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October 18th 2017 Post-ITA

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Roshan, Oct 19, 2017.

  1. A welcome to all who got their ITAs in the 74th draw on October 18th 2017
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  2. Thank you... :D *joining*
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  3. I already have the work experience letters with me, just need to deposit check from my dad into my account and then get bank letter and PCC .
  4. Is it acceptable by CIC to have a big amount deposited to the applicants account just before submitting eAPR?
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  5. I think you are forgetting medical.
  6. Should be acceptable as i'll get an affidavit from my father stating it is an irrevocable gift... we shall find out i guess..
  7. Yes, of course medical as well...
  8. um, so should i just book for medical now?
  9. Yes! hurry up as appointments are not immediate and can sometimes be scheduled a couple of weeks after you call
  10. oh okay, thanks.
  11. Thank you and Congrats everyone :D

    I am starting the process of preparing the reference letters. Meanwhile I am planning to book an appointment for medicals.
    Will we get any request letter from CIC for the medicals? Or what all info, do I need when booking an appoinment for medicals and on the day of medicals??
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  12. Medical needs to be done ultimately and so you don't need to wait for CIC to ask for it. But you can choose to go for medical after having arranged all other docs as the visa validity is based on the date medical was done.
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  13. no just book an appointment with one of the doctors listed on cic website for your country. you'll just need your passport
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  14. Hi All,

    For educational documents do we have to upload class X and class XII documents as well? Please guide
  15. Thanks for starting this thread, it's useful to connect with others who got ITA at the same time to be able to help each other and compare our progress.

    I've had a look at my new PR profile page, seems they need quite a bit of information. I was surprised that they are asking for a physical description (height, eye color o_O) Well, I guess I'll get some of that from the Medical, which should be my next step.
    Also, have to sort through my old passports to cover the 10 year travel history thing.

    I've already applied for an English PCC from Abu Dhabi before the draw, but it has a few spelling mistakes, I'm thinking I'll just order an Arabic letter and have it translated instead.

    Good luck to all of us! I expect to submit the profile before the end of next week hopefully.
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