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OCI process


Sep 30, 2022
Thank you
One more question. Do we need to upload citizen certificate and surrender certificate with respective passport pages while uploading it online? I thought showing the originals of citizenship certificate and surrender certificate is enough. Plz confirm. Thanks


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Jun 2, 2018
Hi Daya1,

Thank you for your reply, yes we are applying for OCI outside of Canada. My family is currently in India, all the originals are with my wife in India, I just checked the link you mentioned in your comment, the problem is I do not live in Toronto I live in a different province any work that is related to consulate general India is done through the mailing service. Since my family is in India I was wondering if we can get this done by the High Commission of Canada New Delhi? As that is what FRRO Hyderabad is suggesting to us. I tried to search and opt for the service to do this through the High Commission of Canada New Delhi it does not have clear information on how to begin this process it's rerouting me back to the High Commission of India in Ottawa or Consulate General of India in Toronto.
Check here


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Jun 18, 2017
For OCI application to be submitted at BLS Brampton does BLS accept their(BLS value added services/courier fee etc) fee payment by credit/debit card?


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Jun 18, 2017
Yes and BLS is asking for 2 hard copies of the photos
carry all your originals including passports(Canadian and Indian), Certificates (Citizenship and Surrender), Address Proof (Driving License, etc) and also take the copies as well. Copies should be self attested.
Did BLS Brampton ask 2 photos? Checklist says 1 photo is needed.


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Sep 17, 2016
For OCI application to be submitted at BLS Brampton does BLS accept their(BLS value added services/courier fee etc) fee payment by credit/debit card?
Be careful they will rip you off
Only accept what thing you really need
They will upsell on passport covers, sms notifications service called EP service as well (no sms comes through)
Courier only if you need else say no
Miscellaneous payments only by cash or debit card at BLS
You need to make a draft as well in the name of CGI Toront &345 per person


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Jul 2, 2018
Application Date (Walkin) - 17 Jan 2023

Ready for Collection - 24 Feb 2023

Date Of Acknowledgment19-JAN-2023
Registration Status at MissionOTTAWA
Documents Printing StatusPROCESSEDOn16-FEB-2023
Dispatched From MEA (OCI )NEW DELHIOn20-FEB-2023
Document received AtOTTAWAOn22-FEB-2023


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Jan 5, 2017
That's what happens when you do as per what BLS says and don't even ask a single question to them, lol ;)
Wow, are you implying BLS has delayed / sabotaged my application since I questioned their unreasonable fee? Should I complain against this or something ?


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May 1, 2015
Thanks. Your's is super quick compared to other timelines, Your acknowledgment date was about 17 days after application day compared to 3 +weeks . some Jan 11, Ack 7 feb, application are still under process . Appears the processing days are about same after acknowledgement. Acknowledgement date could be different probably due to the application type/original documents etc.
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