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obtaining health insurance in Ontario

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by kourts, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. I'm about to land soon and I'd like to know how this is done. Do I need to pay a fee when applying for it? or is it free of charge. Also is there a waiting time before I can apply for it? or do I apply then wait. Also I've been here for the past 7 months as a visitor. Is that time counted as being in Canada or no?
  2. I just did this today. We went to the office. Filled out a form. Showed our passports and lease - took a pic and voila. They gave us a receipt. You get health insurance three months later. Easy.
  3. Is there a fee to do this
  4. I have the old version of the OHIP card. If I want to renew it to the newest version of the card, will I still need to wait 3 months? Does the 3-month waiting period apply to everyone, even Canadian citizens?

    In my detailed summary of our plans to re-establish in Canada, I noted that we will probably need to purchase health insurance to cover us for the first 90 days, but I'm hoping we can get our son's insurance sorted straight away...

  5. Will my husband need something with his name on it and our address??. He is not on my lease. Nor any other documents or mail as yet.
  6. All persons arriving in ON from abroad, new PRs, citizens and former residents alike, who have been out of the province for more than 158 days in the last 183 have to wait the 90 days before coverage is effective.

    Mrslwsn, he just needs his passport and COPR as proof of status.
  7. but we have to wait 90 days regardless correct?
  8. Yes.
  9. Regardless of when you apply they won't send the OHIP card until right before it will be valid so you don't need to rush.

    The list of documents he'll need is available at http://www.forms.ssb.gov.on.ca/mbs/ssb/forms/ssbforms.nsf/GetFileAttach/014-9998E-82~1/$File/9998-82E.pdf
    You'll need one from each of 3 categories defined in the attachment:

    "List 1 – Proof of Citizenship or OHIP-Eligible Immigration
    Status is:
    A document to prove you are a Canadian Citizen or hold another immigration status that makes you eligible for Ontario health insurance coverage.
    List 2 – Proof of Residency in Ontario is:
    A document that displays your name and current home address and confirms that your primary place of residence is in Ontario.
    List 3 – Support of Identity is:
    A document that displays both your name and your signature."
  10. so he does need something with our address in ontario on it?
  11. See the following link. You need one document from each category to apply:

  12. Considering his address will be on the card, yes. Even renewing it (if you're in FS's situation) you need proof that you live there. When I moved I had to get a new card and I had to bring a bill with my new address on it.
  13. Yeah you most definitely need something with a name on it with your current address.

    I made the mistake and thought my paper license would work -it wouldn't. I had to go back down with a paper bill-why this is different I have no clue?!! I'd gotten my paper license the day prior when they verified my address there!?

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