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November - December 2018 Passport sending to CIC

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by tobyvo, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. Hi,
    I received PPR this morning (November 26th 2018) and I sent my passport + 2 photos + Annex A + Xpresspost prepaid return envelope to CPC - Ottawa - PR, as instructed. Let us keep ourselves updated after we sent our PR so that we can anticipate our COPR and help each other.
  2. Hello ,

    My timeline :
    PPR : Nov 23 2018
    PP sent : Nov 23 2018
    PP delivered : Nov 26 2018
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    That is great idea!
    Ppr 26 nov
    Sent passport 26 nov
  4. Hello,
    Congrats to everyone who got ppr
    My timeline is
    PPR date - 26 November
    Passport sent - 26 November
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  5. Ppr: 26 Nov
    Sent passport: 26 Nov
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  6. Hi! I am from AB and I also sent it today, nov 26th.
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  7. Hello everyone, My timeline:

    Nov 26, 2018 PPR - PNP-inland OINP
    Nov 26, 2018 Passport sent ( Canada Post Xpresspost)
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  8. Hey guys, I have a question. I remembered that when I sent my passport, I put all those 4 requested item in a single package, but before that the clerk took the tracking number for the Xpresspost prepaid envelope and gave it to me. It is normal right? Do we use that tracking code to see when it is activated?
  9. They might have given you two tracking numbers , one for the main package that you are sending and one for the returning package. You can use those numbers to track the package.
  10. Anyones return package activated who sent their passports on 23 rd november??
  11. Do you see any changes in the application status on your cic portal ?
  12. No nothing yet hw abt urs?? When did u send passport
  13. Not yet,I sent it on Nov 23 and it was delivered Nov 26.
  14. Mine is same..
  15. ok , I will update here once the return package gets activated.
    You also , please do the same.

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