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November 2018 - Citizenship Applications

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by kirtivsingh, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. Thank you. I will let you know, once they make decision.
    As of today, my ECAS does not show test invite; it shows up to IP only.
    Will they email me for DM?
  2. No only ecas update
  3. This is interesting. Are you sure there is no fourth line regarding test/interview request. Click on "In Process" in your ecas, you will see several lines.
  4. I checked, there is no fourth line.
    It's up to third line only.
  5. Its interesting to know that. So basically it is possible to get interview/test request without appearance of fourth line. Note, there are few reporting in past in this forum that applicants see fourth line but never received any correspondence (email or mail). Your case is opposite, though IMO it is just an anecdote.
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  6. Got test invite Today for June 10th. Please update. Thanks
  7. Any update from
    Norya Ebady
    Ziad S.
  8. I had my test /interview and ceremony yesterday,I received my Citizenship Certificate and will back today to my town,the interview was very very simple,actually the officer knows me ,when she called me she said that you Tarek who came from that rural area and she started laughing lol,anyway she did not check passport’s stamps because she noticed that i just have one entry stamp(landing) and nothing else ,then she said Tarek you did not leave Canada at all for whole 3 years ,i answered yeah ,she was smiling all the time with me,then she said you deserve now apply for Canadian passport and go for vacation after this long time ,interview took between 1-2 minutes,that’s all ,she knows that i work in the hospital there,she started asking me about my town,do you like it....?
    She gave me paper to sign then said congratulations Tarek and again she stated laughing! So as i said before interview was very simple,maybe because I did not leave Canada at all for whole this period !
    I have already filled passport’s application ,will send it after 2 business days ,good luck to everyone in this wonderful forum
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  9. One Day, they may put you in the folders as a successful immigration story. yes, we do things right sometimes. :)
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  10. Congratulations!
    I wrote the test today, and my interview was also very simple, it lasted for 2-3 minutes, then she gave me a paper to sign, that's it.
    Now I will be waiting for the ceremony. Let us see when the rainbow comes.
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  11. In the email they set out the list of documents to carry and they also set out a seat number.
    It is imperative to carry the copy of test invite.
    Do they also do the same thing in ECAS?
  12. Same here, did my test on April 16 but theres no update on Ecas, still on 3rd line since January 24’19
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  13. Absolutely no idea. I myself is waiting for test invitation :).
  14. This is something new for me. I was under impression that they will email and fourth line apprears in ECAS, cuncurrently.
  15. lol,maybe you are right

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