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Nova scotia PNP regional labour market demand stream

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by bst2011, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. this forum is for those who want to apply for NSNP RLMDS on 6 march 2014.
    come all who want to apply under this category.
  2. Hi,

    Both cannot apply together.

    Spouse (back home) can apply for this stream if she falls under skill demand list and meet all requirement but if husband also want to apply with her and is working in Canada or studying cannot apply in this stream.

    Any one got a same answer from NSNP office?
  3. Hi friend

    Need some help...

    I work as Production manager in manufacturing industry and I have degree in paint technologist ...Am I eligible for this strem ?

    pl suggest ..I am bit confuse


  4. Hi,

    Match your NOC code with your job responsibilities and duties :http://www5.hrsdc.gc.ca/NOC/English/NOC/2011/QuickSearch.aspx?val65=* if you believe meet the demand list requirement as they mentioned then it would be fine and ensure that you have continuous 2 year work experience
  5. Hi harsh,

    i think u are eligible funder the industrial engineering & manufacturing technologist & technicians.
    But you must have 2 years of experience in that field.
  6. Just found out about this program today. I plan applying - Mechanical Engineering. My IELTS scores are released tomorrow.
  7. Well, i am also applying & best of luck for your ielts exam
  8. Hello,

    Can one have two Province Application running and drop one before applying to CIC.

    I mean pursuing the first one that give me nomination
  9. Hi in wich date you are pllanong to send your application ? Have you able to download application form that suppose to publish today in NS WEB

  10. Hi,

    I want to apply for NSNP program that is starting on 6 march (i.e regional labour stream) but I had a problem with settlement and employment plan in eligibility section because I do not have any job offer and no relatives in nova scotia so how we can fill that template.

    Please give your answer would be helpful for me.

    Thank you
  11. Electrical engg. No, till now they havent upload any forms.
  12. which eligibility section you r talking abt?? i cant see any of that kind.
    for this no job offer is required. they have mentioned in their application guide page no 6 paragrah no 3 under further information on occupations & assessing a region`s labor market needs.
  13. i guess they will upload the forms by close of work today
  14. Can my spouse apply this Regional Labour Market Demand Nomination Program. she is back home and want to apply in this Stream as her skill is in demand list and have two year of full time work experience. However i will not be her dependent on this stream i will apply under CEC as i am not eligible due to having Post Graduate Work Permit.

    Reply me,
  15. Can anyone guide me how time they take to complete procedure ?

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