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Notice to appear for hearing

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Kingofthenorth1378, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. To whom may it concern
    Hi, i applied for refugee claimant on jan 2019 and its been 6 month since i applied and still no notice to appear for hearing . I remember when i went for the eligibility interview for refugee claimant the officer said in the next couple of month you will receive the notice of appear , however its been 6 month and no news. Is there any suggestion you guys have ?
  2. The wait times that used to be required (3 months) stopped being applicable a few years ago. You are likely going to have to wait 1-2 years from your filing date before you get a hearing,
  3. But the problem is that when i went to eligibility interview the officer mentioned in next couple of month . Even after 2 month i got a call from cbsa about some military evidence to confirm, meaning that they are working on my case. However , i was talking to other people who had eligibilty interview that day and they said the officer told them in about a year they have a hearimg . So like should i be hopeful for a news from them ? Or like leave it be
  4. Even i remember people with the same case , from an expedited country , same as mine, got their hearing after 7 month.
  5. Have you received a letter telling you that you will be considered for expedited processing or less complex cases?
  6. I applied before you, expedited country too, and seen other people (who applied after me) get their hearings before me.
    I write to the IRB every month, and show up randomly and annoy them, just like they do me, they don't do their jobs properly and the system is unjust in terms of scheduling.
    I know what you mean about CBSA contacting you, they did the same for me 2 months after applying, they just wanna make sure the claimant is clear, and if there's anything shady they write you; then clear it up.

    Best thing is to not stay quiet, and if you think your case is being ignored make them pay attention, cause in the end nobody cares about your case/life accept you.
  7. Wow. For someone REQUESTING protection from a country who does not owe you anything, you have the gall to use their resources by “annoying” them?

    I get that the wait is long and hard but I would think that as someone who is not skilled enough to immigrate via economic means nor have family here to sponsor them, you would be grateful and patient that you are even being considered.

  8. haha such a drama queen, maybe join the IRB and make them faster.
  9. And we don't all have families already here ready to sponsor us, some of us came from good and rich countries that didn't have our families running away to other regions to make a living; until of course... the situation changed due to western influence and breach of sovereignty.
  10. Has harassing them worked so far? You are likely to be delayed even more if you are annoying or insulting the IRB employees. You have been waiting since November. Plenty of asylum claimants waiting patiently much longer than you have. Not sure why you believe you deserve priority over others. If you have been waiting 2+ years you deserve to complain but 7 minutes months not so much. Canada spends a lot of money processing asylum applications, paying for healthcare, schooling, housing, welfare, etc. for asylum applicants without even asking people to be accepted as refugees. You should be grateful that there is a system that won’t take multiple years or up to decade without providing any support like in many countries.
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  11. You can play with rhetoric as long as you like, nobody said anything about insulting IRB employees. My point came through I believe, the system is flawed; i'm just pointing it out. Your views, and advice are always negative. Did i mention I deserve priority? again like you do on all your other posts; twist words. This strategy won't get you far in Canada, english is their mother-tongue, and they'll own you.
    I won't let it get to 2 years, and then begin to work on my case; nor should anyone else. Everybody that had their hearing moved or noticed, in one way or another was able to achieve a positive result due to speaking up! It's a simple choice, if you don't have prospects outside of Canada, and a need to travel internationally, it's fine wait as long as you like.
  12. I am a man but being a drama queen is so much better than being an ungrateful ahole.
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    I believe that is what I said, that YOU as someone with no family in Canada. You who are NOT highly skilled enough to be accepted into our programs like express entry...should be a bit more grateful than how you are acting like.
  14. Firstly you shouldn't use language like that. Secondly, our programs? hahaha when did you come here buddy?
    Men can be drama queens too, its a figure of speech, you should attend more newcomer language classes, they'll help!
    What's it to you if i'm grateful or not, just go about your day. No hard feelings.
  15. There have certainly been very capable people who have had no choice but to wait. I don’t see how you feel that you can control when your hearing is scheduled. When double the asylum claimants show up what do people expect there will be delays. If you researched before arriving in November 2018 you would have seen that the wait times were being predicted to be 21 months. Don’t feel like normal employees should be constantly annoyed at their place of work. Especially since it hasn’t helped. I would encourage people to be patient, find employment, attend language classes or volunteer to fill their time.
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