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Not paid OT legal?

Discussion in 'Canadian Labour Legislation' started by mikosd, Oct 14, 2016.

  1. Hi guys,

    I just have a question about some companies that are not paying their employees when they do OT.

    In some industry, It happens a lot. I was thinking if it's that even legal at all. Some companies tell you work 10 to 12 hrs. a day to meet the deadline without even paying you OT. Worse case is you need to work free on weekend as well. This happens when deadline is on the edge.

    I'm just curious if this situation is normal at all. Thanks.
  2. No, not normal at all..read here


    Unless you are a manager and on significant salary, do not work more than 40 a week.
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  3. Some places may have an agreement with their employees to bank overtime. If that is the case, there was a time that a majority of the employees agreed to this and so it continues for all new employees as well. The way it works is that you don't get paid for overtime initially but get it as time off instead. If the employer is unable to give you the time off within a certain time limit, they will still have to pay you though.

    If you think the employer is cheating you on your wages, look up the employment standards in your province and give them a call.
  4. Yeah, so I've heard that they don't pay you Ot but it'll add it into your lieu hours so you get paid vacation.
  5. This is not correct as in some instances/provinces it is either 8/hrs daily or 44hrs/week and "Overtime hours are to be calculated both on a daily and weekly basis. The higher of the two numbers is overtime hours worked in the week"
  6. My statement was not meant to be right or wrong..only saying that I would not work for more than 40 hours a week, unless I get paid to do more.
  7. I take you've never worked in a management role with a bonus structure. Perfectly normal not to be paid for overtime.
  8. I have Scylla, don't you worry. But I am getting too old for that and do not need the hassle anymore. I leave that up to the young ones with ambition. I am most happy NOT to work more than 40 hours..well actually I do less.
  9. I am probably older than you think. :)

    But what can I say - I like my lifestyle. So for now I'll do the extra hours and take the year end bonus pay.

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