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Not able to link offline application to online

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Cherrykhosla, May 17, 2018.

  1. hello,I have tried several methods to link my application to online but everytime it says no application found.i have checked each and everything but then also :(

    Please help
  2. (1) Go to this below listed link
    (2) Click on continue to Gckey
    (3) If You've already account created, login with your Username and Password otherwise Click on Sign up to go on next page and create your username, password and security questions.
    (4) After creating my CIC account, click link application to this account.
    (5) Then select category as Temporary residence and subcategory as Visitor.
    (6) Then select Family name, given name and date of birth option.
    (7) Fill your family name(surname), given name and date of birth as per Passport or Application form.
    (8.) Next in applicant personal info panel fill Passport information only and DO NOT FILL CITY AND COUNTRY OF BIRTH.
    (9) Enter your date of visiting and leaving canada given on your invitation letter.
    (10) Enter balance amount for expense you showed to visit Canada
    (11) Next search for your application.
    (12) Your application will be found and can be linked.
    (13) You can get real time updates on your paper application online.

    Note : In 24 hours you can try only 5 times to link your application and if you exceed that then you have to wait for 24 hours, so be careful about that.
  3. Hello, I’ve linked my study permit application to my online account. Where I can check application status? Also, account messages shows that your application is now link with this account but when I click on check status and message for application it is showing nothing in application message and application status show many options.. please help me out.
  4. 1). Application message will come at very end when your decision is declared.
    2). You said application status shows many options...... So, thats where u have to keep your eyes on because those are different steps that embassy goes through and will update as they pass through it.
    Gud luck
  5. Thank you. I’ve applied on 9 May so when will I receive Acknowledgement mail ( application number and uci number) ?
  6. Thank you but the thing is i have filled everything correct but the hotel booking dates were provided with the application and I don’t know about that.
  7. FOLLO

    I followed the above process still it says no application found plzz help me .

    thanks in advance.

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