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Non sds visa

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Jaskaranarora, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. Hi everyone, i completed my class 12th this year in non medical field from cbse school and i got 73%. My ielts score is overall 6(R-7,S-6,L-6,W-5.5). And i applied for Cambrian college, Sudbury offer letter for undergraduate diploma (2 years) of network technician. I am going to apply my file under non sds category. Plz tell me the visa success rate of non sds and also is there anyone who got his/her visa with 5.5 band in one module under non sds?
  2. I am applied on 19 June but did not get any decision
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  3. Plz tell me about your profile
  4. 12th in 2018 with 70% in non medical. Then ielts.overall 6.5. But in writting I have 5.5 bands. I got offer letter from Conestoga college I take 3 years academic course
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  5. I also have 5.5 in writing. I applied last june 14 but still no update.
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  6. Hello,did you receive your correspondence biometric letter?
  7. Nope !
  8. Hello, i got overall 6 bands with 6.5 in listening, 6 in speaking and 5.5 in other 2 modules. I completed my master's here with 65% and i want to go to canada especially in Quebec city. Can i get visa with this bands ?

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