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NON SDS ONLINE SEPTEMBER 2019 please share your timeline

Discussion in 'International Students' started by DIPTI@, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. People who applied for SEPTEMBER 2019 intake online Non SDS application. please share your timeline here.
  2. Applied July 3
    Biometrics July 24
    Medical Aug 9
    No response yet :(
  3. Applied July 24
    Biometrics July 30
    No medical request yet
  4. Seeing other people time line, you will get results soon
  5. I really hope so. International Orientation is in a few days so I'm extremely worried.
  6. You did upfront medical?
  7. yeah I did my medical upfront on Aug 6th and got results back on the 9th
  8. They must have sent you medical request. Can we do medical examination even after applying online. You did apply on july and then you did medical. Hiw did you uploaded the documents
  9. I did my medical examination at an eMedical facility where they uploaded the medical information directly to the cic website.
  10. Applied on 21 st May
    Biometrics on 31st May
    Application status- Still processing
    Help please.
  11. Wat about medical request... Or upfront medical updates?
  12. Applied Online from Nepal - July 18th
    Biometrics already submitted (reapplied)
    Upfront medical passed - July 31
    Eligibility Review started - 13th August

    Being processed in New Delhi
  13. No medicals were were asked for. But still I am going to get one done tomorrow
  14. Applied May 14th with my spouse
    Spouses biometrics on May 16th
    My medical passed July 29th (the day after I got them done)
    No decision yet. Still waiting.
  15. The office in ottowa seem to have responded to one of my webforms.

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