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NOC of Pharmacy Sales Associate

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by prathmesh770, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Hi, I need urgent help. What is the NOC of Pharmacy Sales Associate?

    I have checked online and according to job duties, it has become very difficult for me to find the correct NOC.

    Job duties:
    1. Maximizing department sales and profit with direction from the Pharmacy Manager.
    2. Maintaining patient confidentiality and follow all practices consistent with the Privacy Act.
    3. Answering Customer calls promptly.
    4. Answering register calls promptly.
    5. Operating the register when needed.
    6. Maintaining 100% in stock at all times.
    7. Meeting Customer's needs by assisting them whenever possible.
    8. Rotating stock and checking for expired products.
    9. Zoning the department.
    10. Ensuring the merchandise is properly signed and priced.
    11. Maintaining all risers properly.
    12. Maintaining modular labels.
    13. Additional Responsibilities
    14. Adheres to all company policies and standard operating procedures.
    15. Other responsibilities may be assigned.

    Please assist me in finding NOC that is matching to my Job duties.

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