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No update regarding my visitor visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Ashitha Midhun, May 17, 2019.

  1. Hi, I have applied for Canada visitor visa for me and family on January 28th and provided biometrics on 14th feb .After lots of follow up got an update regarding my visa status on May 3rd and got it stamped on May 9. There is no update about my wife and daughters visa. We had booked our tickets for today(May 17 2019) and unfortunately we couldn’t travel. I have send couple of mails to follow up on this and no response so far. Please help. It’s been 3 months now. We have applied from USA. Regards Midhun
  2. Did you paper file it?
  3. Online application
  4. So, you only got PPR for yourself and not your family?

    Did you raise a CSE using the IRCC webform? Did you get any reply?
  5. Yes only I got. Yes we did. After raising it two or three times only I got a reply. But after that no updates or reply.
  6. I applied on 27th march, still no update
  7. From where you applied ... did u do biometric
  8. My sister applied from canada n biometrics already done on 5th april. And as per vfs my biometrics has already been sent to high commission. But no update after 8th april
  9. Hi. I applied through online application.
    Its been 2 weeks after My biometrics are done at Delhi (Vac). My biometrics number and validity is mentioned in my CiC account.
    But There is no decision or update after it.
  10. We can only wait, i think
  11. Ohh okok

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