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No response to visa applications yet - 42 days

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Gurdip Bedi, May 11, 2018.

  1. hi everyone

    Good day,

    March 30 2018 I have applied canada visit visa online from India New Delhi

    Wish supporting documents

    1)my salary pay slips,

    2)bank account summary,transactions,

    3)company NOC


    So photo copies of previous country travel history

    So from the embassy I didn't get any update

    In embassy side it showed application still under processing,Almost 42 days finish,mostly Procesing time is to be 30days,

    Is there any persons who applied nearest to my dates march 30 2018.

    I didn't get any update

    Please tell me the reasons

    When can I expect the updates
  2. I applied on april 10. No update yet. My estimated processing time showed 24 days. I have to visit canada on 12th june. I am so so stressed!!
  3. I applied on 29th march for my younger brother still waiting..
  4. I applied March 1 still no updates
  5. applied super visa paper base for my father 28 march still waiting

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