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No Canadian mailing address-short landing


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Jan 1, 2016
Hi folks,

I have a peculiar problem -I have to land before Feb-28th to activate my PR.
My problem is I don't have any friends or relatives in Canada to provide a mailing address for my PR card and I can't stay for
more than a week due to work constraints. As I had taken up a new position only 20 days before my PR approval,I plan to be on that job (outside Canada) for one year before moving permanently later in 2017.

What options does some one in my situation have to ensure that I do get the PR card before I move permanently?
Or,would I have to request someone to help with a residential address?

I am more than happy to pay online through FedEx/UPS to set up a door pickup when the card does arrive so that the
person who helps does not go through a lot of trouble on my behalf.

Please advice what would be the best way forward.

Many thanks for your responses.