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No approval past 6 months

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by jchandiran, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. On Jan 11, 2019 I submitted my Express Entry application and received my AOR. Its been more than 6 months which is the processing time listed on the site and I have not yet received my approval. The last updates on my application were in Feb. Early Feb to confirm my medical was fine and late Feb where they confirmed that my biometrics was received. Is there a reason for a delay as my application is very straightforward? Only notable things are:

    - I have a very long personal travel history which i've listed out in detail
    - I also had a resident visa in the UAE as a child but that was more than 10 years ago. Never the less i also provided a PCC for UAE.
    - I changed my job and address within the US after AOR of which I informed IRCC and they acknowledged receipt within a week of submitting the form.

    Any recommendations from past experiences on what is causing the delay and anything I can do to get some updates?

    I've already raised a status request question with IRCC and also requested for GCMS notes - both pending response.
  2. You'll know more once you receive GCMS notes. For now just wait, nothing much you can do
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  3. Hi There,

    The frustration and nervousness at the prolonged radio silence between biometrics and PPR can be challenging. Rest assured that this silence does not mean bad news for your application.

    Recent trends have shown that processing times are getting quite long specially if your VO is inside Canada as the bulk of Canadian govt. resources are diverted towards preparations for the upcoming elections and a good portion of IRCC resources allocated to prioritizing new citizenship applications to be processed before the election so they have the right to vote.

    The summers are also busy as student permit processing takes priority since it needs to be done within a few weeks time to allow the students to come to Canada at the start of the term.

    Any one of the above factors or multiple other factors may be causing the slowness in your process.

    Don't worry, let the GCMS notes come and take action if they mention a problem with any of your documents. Your PPR could probably come before your GCMS notes are received.

    PS: I personally know many people from December/Jan still waiting after completion of their 6 month periods.
  4. Thank you for sharing the background on possible reasons for the delay in processing. Its a small relief to know its possibly not your application just IRCC being resource constraint.
  5. Have you ordered your GCMS notes?
  6. The 6 months timeline is for 80% of the applications. The rest can take as long as they need it to take. Thanks to CIC, there is no timeline provided for the remaining 20%.
  7. This is quite normal. There are still a few in my December 2018 AoR whatsapp group that haven't received their PPRs yet either.

    I think the biggest delay is in having the security stage start. Once it starts, it usually gets completed quickly, but it takes forever to start because there are really long queues for some reason.

    I passed eligibility in January and didn't have security stage start until June. I got my PPR on June 20th, 201 days after my AOR date.

    Just relax, it could take 7 to 8 months from AOR to PPR and that's just the new normal.
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