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NLPNP 2017-2018 lets connect here

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Javellanamedina, May 10, 2018.

  1. can anyone share their timeline.
    From processing the WP lmia exempt to PPR and Visa Stamp either paper based and online

    PR timeline filed to AOR and Medical Request.

    WP & OWP lmia exempt send to vfs global Abu dhabi last april 25 (paper based) waiting for PPR

    PR filed today
  2. Newbie here,processing my documents for NLPnP as well.
    Got several questions:
    -How much proof of fund did you submit?
    -how many weeks until you grt you nomination?
  3. I have affidavit of support from my employer, we are 4 in the family, we declared around $8,000cad.
    Pr application number we got after 2 months. And for the provincial nomination after interview its almost 2 months also
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  4. Hi did you get you’re PPR?If yes, How many days for visa stamping?. I’m currently waiting for our PP back with stamped visa soon.

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