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New PR wants to apply visa for parents

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by thanh245, Jul 1, 2014.

  1. Hey my wife is a newly landed permanent residence. We want to apply a visitor visa for her parents to come and visit us and see Vancouver. Since my wife has been in Canada very short time. When should we start applying? I ve read you can apply for visa that last up to 10 years; super visa, 10 year visa . Are those difficult to obtain? Iam Canadian citizen and have strong income, I can provide financial support in application. My wife's parents have strong ties back home. They have multiple properties and have a business, financially well off, they have many children and grandchildren back home. Do they have a good chance of obtaining super visa? Any comments is appreciate. Thanks
  2. You can do so now but you would have to cosigning the invitation letter and give supporting document to your in-laws for their applications in their country.
  3. Could I be the main person writing the invitation letter, not as a co-signer?
  4. If you are applying for a super visa for her parents no, because you are not her parents she will have to show her birth certificate to show the connection. You would be a cosigner because it would be the joint income they will count towards to LICO or low income cut off.
  5. Did your application got approved. I am in the same situation now. Please share
  6. You realise this person thanh245 has not been seen here for 5 years so chances of a reply are small.

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