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New PR confirmation portal



Mar 21, 2021
Hi guys,
AOR- 4th March
Primary applicant inland and one dependent outland.
Got portal mail on 8 th june

Can anyone help me out how to reply this mail.I have confusion in choosing option A or B as in mail they have not specified which are options A or B.
Is there any one in the same situation with primary applicant inland and dependent outland.

Pls help

Can you please post your stagewise timeline progress. I am in same situation (primary applicant- Inland , 1 dependent- Outland).
AOR- March-20 and BIO/Medical passed -8th April , since then no update or ghost mail.


May 19, 2021
Hey I’m just sharing my gf timeline
Aor Dec 31
Medical 27th jan
Bio: 29 Jan
Some GU in between
First portal mail 28 th may
Second mail June 3rd
June 9th Called ircc / pretty much nothing happened
Half an latter ecopr
Address and photo is still pending in portal
Cic account still shows submitted

my question is she booked an flight for tomorrow is she able to travel
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