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New PR confirmation portal


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Dec 24, 2020
I am so happy to share that finally received our eCOPR today. Uploaded everything on Jan 16. It seems the info on the eCOPR is correct except for Valid to date, 2021 April. Not sure if it matters to update SIN and health card.

You will see your eCOPR soon!!
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Jan 14, 2021
I got my eCorp yesterday Feb 11.
Portal email: Dec 31
Gave my information same day
Credentials sent to access portal: Jan 7
Uploaded photo and address same day.
1 week later an extra box appeared that I needed to confirm I was In Canada
So it took almost 6 weeks after I first got the portal email to get my eCORP.
Also I don’t think the agent is relevant because the one who requested my credentials is not the same that emailed me about the eCORP.
FYI - I applied on October 2019 through provincial nominee.


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Jul 3, 2020
Hi All,

I received my eCoPRs yesterday via the PR confirmation portal.

My timeline is given below:

Category: CEC (Inland)
Location: ON
NOC: 2282 - User Support Technicians
VO: Ottawa
CRS: 459
ITA: April 16, 2020
AOR: July 13, 2020
Medical: May 14, 2020
BIL: Sept 02, 2020
MEP: Sept 02, 2020
Case Analyst Review/Eligibility - Recommend Passed: Oct 09, 2020 (GCMS Notes)
Biometrics Appointment Booked: Nov 30, 2020 (Online Portal)
Biometrics Appointment/Completed: Dec 07, 2020
Applied for BOWP: Dec 23, 2020
IRCC Permanent Residence Confirmation Portal Email: Jan 07, 2021 (Etobicoke IRCC)
1st Email to IRCC Permanent Residence Confirmation Portal Email: Jan 07, 2021
2nd Email to IRCC Permanent Residence Confirmation Portal Email: Jan 15, 2021
New credentials for PR Confirmation Portal Email: Jan 25, 2021
Submitted Photo and Address on PR Confirmation Portal: Jan 25, 2021
BOWP Approved: Feb 01, 2021
Officer Review/All Stages Passed: Dec 15, 2020 (GCMS Notes)
Application Approved: Dec 15, 2020 (GCMS Notes)
eCoPR: Feb 11, 2021 (Expiry: May 19, 2021 same as Medical)
PR Card: ??

Harvy kahlon

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Dec 24, 2020
Just got email and I get my copr
First email: 15th December
Credentials: 15th January photo uploaded on same day
Ecopr: 12th February
Agent when I get my first email was bf0..
But on the copr signed by ss..
Congratulations mine is same time line and still waiting