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New immigrants - where to stay in Ontario

Discussion in 'Housing' started by Hasni, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. I have read somewhere on this that usually the difference between a basement and normal flat is roughly $200/month. If this amount really matters to you, then go with the basement with its not-so-annoying cons, otherwise find an apartment. The main concern is friendliness of the neighborhood, accessible services, and schools for your children.
  2. No. But surely I am ready to do. Can you tell me which areas/neighborhood to look for?
  3. well talking about Mississauga, Port Credit, Lone Prks, Dixie, Erin mills surrounding, Webb drive are generally considered good areas. However as per my info that I gathered from various sources, cawthra, dandas, paisley blvd and few more of the likes are not the best choices for family living. Do share your findings once you start your own search.
  4. You could have noisy neighbors in an apartment building and feel the same things. I used to have front door neighbors who were always playing loud music. The family who were renting the apartment above our apartment had kids running and jumping. So this all depends. Noise from furnace etc. could also depend upon the design of the basement and the location of furnace and heater etc. in the basement. Some basements have furnace room somewhere in the middle of the basement... some have towards the corner of the basement. Ventilation is also design dependent and is different in different basements because some have small windows and some have bigger windows. As someone else said, your decision should be based on your priorities. which include, but are not limited to, a safe and quite family oriented neighborhood, accessible services and amenities, and schooling for your children. Let me know if you have questions.
  5. i agree with all what you have said, but believe me I had started off with basement search but no one looked ready to accommodate my size of family, then decided not to waste any time further and go for an apartment. I have selected few decent apartment buildings with nearby amenities, schools are also good and rent is quite reasonable. Thanks for being so considerate, will be in touch inshAllah.
  6. No problem at all. Good luck with the move, and if you have any questions, let me know. I'll be happy to share whatever info I have.
  7. Let me do some research (basically on the internet). I will post whatever I can find. Meanwhile, I would ask all mates who have information on this topic to share with us.
  8. I read the following message from Khalid: http://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/pakistani-applicants-waiting-for-ppr-stage-1-or-2-letters-from-chc-london-t66770.1635.html

    "I cannot pin point but Toronto and missisuaga has 40 masjids, Thornhill in missisuaga has pakistanis 50% of the population, which is great, we will need to find it out there, one school of thornhill is among top 10 in toronto area.
    If school is little bit far, still children will go, but if masjid is far children and parents both will not go, so I will suggest to look near masjid. I have a friend living in London its an hour drive from Missisuaga there is only one masjid in the city, so what culture do you expect there ? we should avoid that type of places".

    Will keep searching..
  9. being a Muslim, it is always good to be closer to masjid, but believe me finding an ideal place is virtually impossible. You will definitely have to sacrifice some. Do share with me if you find a place where you have good schools, mosque, groceries, walk in clinics, go station, etc all on walkable distance.
    Thornhill is excellent in terms of convenience but surely does have some cons. Will tell you later. Keep on with your search, good luck.
  10. Salam members

    I would be landing to Canada in end Sep with my three kids, my husband ll be joining us after a year or so due to his job. Kindly tell me is it safe to live alone with my kids. GTA is not my first priority so what other choices I have available where I can find good accommodation in cheap price + good schools? How about London and Hamilton? One more thing I wont be working during this period so keep this point in mind secondly I would like to do some diploma/ certificate courses related to medical field since i am a doctor so any course do you suggest which offfer me good job prospects after completion?

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