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New Delhi (NDVO) 2018 - Spousal Sponsorship Outside Canada

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by spicysank, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Its just a list of services thats available inside Canada after u arrived. Nothing to be worried about.
  2. Thank you for reply
  3. Any updates from Delhi VO today?
  4. How can I approach MP? What are the documents required and what’s the procedure?
  5. What is MP
  6. Hello everybody,

    NDVO requested additional photographs by email. I tried to send all photographs in pdf format. The combined size of the files is 4.5 mb. I also got an email response from DELHIIMMIGRATION@international.gc.ca confirming the receipt. ( think this is auto generated)

    However, I received a notification from gmail server that the email bounced. What should I do?

    Abin Raju
  7. You should try to send it again. Sometimes the inbox is full so the email bounces back. So try again
  8. Member of Parliament
  9. What's the point of contacting MP? Do they reply to ur emails or messages?
  10. Once you find out who the MP is in your area you can call the office to make an appointment. You likely won't need to bring any documentation with you since you're only requesting that they make an inquiry on your behalf, but confirm with them before you go.

    You can search your area to find you MP here:
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  11. If your application has passed the 12 month mark and the VO isn't responding to you, you can request that your MP make an inquiry on your behalf. It doesnt impact the file, but VOs are often more responsive with providing status updates when they come from an MP. But only approach the MP if you're over the 12 months processing time and not getting any resoonses from the VO.
  12. but NDVO doesn't respond
  13. By mail only
  14. Similar timelines just waiting.. Stressed out when am I getting my PPR :(
    I saw even oct applicants getting theirs
  15. Regardless, an MP will only intervene on your behalf it's after 12 months. The volume of work is too high for NDVO to respond to every inquiry unless the case has exceeded normal processing times. The idea is they will contact you if they need something from you, otherwise we cant really get any info or provide them with anything unless they ask for it.
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