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New Delhi (NDVO) 2018 - Spousal Sponsorship Outside Canada

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by spicysank, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Just got PPR email

    but there is no attachment, is there is supposed to be one?
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  2. No, just the printout of the email.
    I also got the ppr just now
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  3. Got the ppr. Good luck to all
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  4. Congrats
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  5. Congrats
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  6. Congrats
  7. I hope everyone in this group gets their PPR before the end of this year, no one else can understand what's it like to live alone without your significant other.
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  8. congrats...thats true i m feb applicant file transfer in may......nothing come yet......waiting....
  9. Does anyone know how long it takes to get the passport back? And if its okay to book tickets about a month from now? Do they allow us to land in Canada right away?
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  10. min 1 week and maximum 4 weeks to get passport
  11. Extremely few PPRs last night...and it seems like if you don’t get it on a Tuesday ...one needs to wait for a week.....let’s hope we see soemthing tonight....good luck everyone!
  12. Got my wife's PPR as well. To all who received their PPR, congratulations! To people who are waiting, please stay positive. Being positive is the only thing that kept us both going. All the best and thanks everyone.
  13. File Sent - 25th March 2018
    Received AOR1 - 26th March 2018
    Medical - 5th May 2018
    NDVO AOR2 - 20 June 2018
    DM & PPR - 6th November 2018

    Passport Submitted (At VFS)- 6th November 2018
  14. Congratulations to all for PPR

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