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New Delhi (NDVO) 2018 - Spousal Sponsorship Outside Canada

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by spicysank, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. My friend file transferred to Delhi in may she got PPR. And mine transferred in june 12. M waiting
  2. My friend application received in feb and NDVO received may 24. She got decision made on oct 24.
  3. NDVO applicant's DM done, good news should not take too long
  4. Thanks
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  5. T
    Thnkw so much ....actly even i was waititng desprately for my visa earlier bur when it is abt to come i got spine injury nt able to sit nt able to walk ...i dnt knw what god is up to ....hope so soon i ll get better n go to my husband thr in canada
  6. Why NDVO is not processing non-Indians files?
  7. Nothing yet . Kuch v nhi after file transfer. I m from jalandhar and you ???
  8. Yes am also 21 march
  9. March 23. Still waiting
  10. last whole week i wa
    nothing yet come......waiting still waiting......
  11. feb 22 waiting.....lolzz
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  12. Does any one know, How many days it would take to receive PPR after the status changes from "In Process" to "Decision Made"?
  13. my wifes file is on March 22 and got the status changed to "Decision Made", how many more days it will take after the status changes to decision made?
  14. Malerkotla
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  15. Jan 3 waiting but file in NDVO received june.

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