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New Delhi (NDVO) 2017 - Spousal Sponsorship Outside Canada

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by steller, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. Thank you
  2. yes we are also waiting
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  3. Did you receive your stamped passport yet?
  4. Hello everyone my husband said his friend got visa he applied in may total 8 month now he got passport request just 4 days ago. we are talking about march april there is more too
  5. so june july soon coming may be by march
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  6. I feel it's just done randomly.
    I am an April 12 applicant, AOR2 Sept 11 and my background check started a few days back. They aren't processing according to AOR2 only.

    Yours will start soon. :)
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  7. AOR 2 is 2nd aug. MAY applicant. waiting for BCG to be started
  8. I am also april 12 applicant. Aor 2 june 1. Background not started yet..!!
  9. if they start sept 11 AOR2 background check than im in oct 6 AOR it mean next is our turn ?
  10. What was his category? And which visa office??
  11. Yep
    Waiting for some good news for us June applicants
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  12. Can't say. It's very random. I feel they are mostly following application received date.
  13. Wife is arriving today! Cant begin to explain the feeling.

    But I just want to advise everyone: if you want to get through this process with less stress, try not to build pre-determined expectations and hopes that your file will be processed within a certain timeframe just because other files are being processed. Trust me, I applied this very early on in our process and it sure does help. By setting a certain expectation of hearing back from the visa office in a certain month, you are digging your own hole because if you don't hear back, you get shattered and begin to lose hope. No one can determine or find out how our files are actually processed so i would suggest to just let things happen. Its easier said than done, but if you try, it will surely help. I wish everyone unites with their significant others very soon.
  14. Hello all!

    Can someone who has already landed please confirm all the documents we should be taking along which will be verified by immigration officer post landing.

    Thanks !
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  15. Which vfs u submitted ur passport and when?

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