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New Brunswick Session - 9 June 2018 in Kiev, Ukraine

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by VikramK, May 14, 2018.

  1. People planning to attend June 9 2018 Kiev session in Ukraine ..Pls share ur contact numbers to me if you are interested to join the wats up group
  2. Hi VikramK,

    Kindly send the watsap link.

  3. I have sent you the link..
  4. Also please send the link
  5. pls send me the whatsapp link
  6. I have sent I the link
  7. I have sent you the link
  8. Hi
    Pls add me +255687070263
  9. How does it help if we attend the session , and of we cannot how can we submit expression of interest to NB
  10. If we are a member of wats app group how will it help
  11. I
    If Ur invited for session then there are chances of getting a job and if it's ing
  12. Hi
    Pls add me +255687070263
  14. The group was created just to help each other who is planning to attend the session.
  15. I have sent you the wats up link

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