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Need Information For Political Asylum

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by mamun05, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. Hello,
    I am from Bangladesh. I am a renowned politician in Bangladesh. But for the last few years, there are so many problems in our country. The ruling government always try to disturb us in many ways by unlawfully arrested by police, harassing by police. My whole family has a life risk. I have 2 sons & 1 daughter. My daughter has completed her MBA, the elder has done his Bachelor & younger son have completed 12th. Our family is well qualified & but we are in a great problem in our country & I am very much sick. I am a heart patient.
    So, is there any ways of seeking political asylum in Canada from Bangladesh?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. No. You need to abandon Bangladesh and move to another country, register with UNHCR as refugees.
    The alternative is to obtain a visa to come to Canada and claim asylum at the Port of Entry.
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    Forgive me for prying Mamun05 but I might be a bit quiet about being, "very much sick" and "I am a heart patient". What you want to do is eventually get your Doctor's examination (fair, by the books) and simply submit it. DO NOT TALK ABOUT SEVERITY OR WHAT YOU THINK. Let the Doctors do it. You see Mamum05 Canada has a limit on how much medical care you might consume. It is presently about 19K a year. Considering a heart operation can cost a quarter of a million dollars. (of MY MONEY- which I am willing to spend if a court says harm may come to you) just see what the doctors say. I have given you a link concerning these costs. Take a close look if that heart problem will cause a rejection.


  4. Refugees are exempt from the medical limits.
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  5. Hi there Buletruck. Thanks for commenting on this. Now you may be right. The way I determined it is I looked at the provider Blue Cross and immediately assumed they would apply a limit. Check out the PDF below:
    https://docs.medaviebc.ca/providers/benefit_grids/IFHP-Benefit-Grid-Basic-Coverage.pdf (they also have a supplemental grid.)

    But it could be they dole it out the same as a Provincial health plan. In which case you would be right.
  6. Is it only at the port of entry that u can declare asylum? Can one declare asylum after en
  7. You can claim at any time in Canada but if you are desperate, why delay?
  8. OK, thanks

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