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Need help!

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by jinna, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. Hi I need help, I want to sponsor my husband, he is chinese he has his hukou with him in Canada can he get his hukou notarized in Canada because he can’t go back to China for certain reasons or am I still able to sponsor him with out the hukou notarized?
  2. Excuse me - but what is a "hukou"?
  3. Seems to be a internal document used in China aka domestic passport

    China's Hukou system is a family registration program that serves as a domestic passport, regulating population distribution and rural-to-urban migration. It is a tool for social and geographic control that enforces an apartheid structure that denies farmers the same rights and benefits enjoyed by urban residents.
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  4. Hukou booklet is household registration used in mainland China. It is because in the country special requirements says if u hold Chinese passport you need you to provide hukou but it doesn’t say anything about get it notarized. Now the problem is that my husband has the hukou here in Canada but he can’t go back to China to get notarized and to get the hukou notarized he has to have a chinese id and he doesn’t have since he left China when he was very young like 6 years old and he doesn’t live in China but still consider that he reside in China because he hold a chinese passport right. Can I still sponsor him without the chinese hukou notarized? Can we just translate and give them the original hukou ?
  5. Couldn't you ask someone in China to have his document courier to Canada?
  6. Yes we asked but since my husband left China like 6 he doesn’t have chinese id he has to go back to China to do it himself they have his finger prints and those stuff what can I do there any options ??pls and thanks you
  7. No, it's not function as a domestic passport. For example, you can't purchase your high speed rail tickets using your hukou. Instead, you show your id.
  8. So I can’t really not sponsor my husband without Hukou notarized ?
  9. I just took that definition from online
  10. Have you contact the Chinese consulate to seek if there is any other options than traveling back to China?
  11. Oh, you take what you saw in one website? Hm....
  12. If you cannot provide the document, you can provide a letter of explanation with your application. Wait and see for IRCC comment.
  13. Thanks so munch one more question if my husband go back to China can he come back to Canada with a tourist visa or visitor visa while the sponsorship is processing? Pls and thanks you
  14. I have got few papers notarized here in Canada as the origin paper and person was available here. However note the notorized papers were meant for another country process not Canada. That does not appear to be your case.
  15. Unfortunately, the Huko has to be notarized in China from a public notary office. And an explanation letter won't work. Cannot go back China isn't a valid reason for not having it.

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