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*Need help regarding Termination of Working Permit

Discussion in 'Canadian Labour Legislation' started by kapampangan ku, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Good day,

    I have a friend who needs help,she wants to terminate the working permit of her foreign worker.The foreign worker is with her for about 4 months,working as a caregiver/nanny.The foreign worker is incompetent and they wanted to terminate the working permit.How they can terminate it and what procedure and legalities that entails with it,thanks in advance.
  3. They cannot terminate the work permit per se. Check the employment contract that's states how many week they can notify the caregiver about termination so she look for another job. It's also responsibility of the employer to give her 4% equivalent of ther total income she work for them. Normally the notice is 2 weeks. Then they should issue ROE record of employment from service Canada. If its not her fault to lose her job she is qualified to apply EI if she meet requirement depend on your province.

    She is allowed to stay in Canada until her work permit is valid. I just hope that they discuss her issues before they decide to terminate her. She have the right to know. Incompetent is a rude word. Maybe they just need her time to adjust she's new in this country. Pleas Keep me posted. If she need to find another employer she could seek at employment agencies, job bank, local newspaper in your area.
  4. :) :-*launa hau sir ho xito garnuna hau hamilai pani samjhane garauna hai

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