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need help on Detailed Settlement Plan


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Jun 10, 2015
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Hello guys, I just received a formal Express Entry application for a provincial nominee program. The application form asked for a 'Detailed Settlement Plan'. Can anyone help me how to go about this and what document proof should I submit with my application? I don't have any family there and no idea about the place. Thank you guys.

'Please outline how you plan to move and settle your family, The settlement must include (if applicable) but not limited to the following sections: travel; moving logistics: accommodation/housing; transportation; employment/job; social system (i.e. driver licence, health card); houselhold (i.e. food, phone, TV, internet, heat, electricity) finances (i.e. available funds for settlement, banks, currency) school/child care; time lines; language training plans; integration into community. If you have a job offer from a Prince Edward Island, please outline the details in this section.'


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Feb 1, 2015
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No general forms. They're asking for your plan. It's personal. Tell them how you plan to move and settle in Canada.


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Mar 22, 2010
Some suggestions of things I would be looking into if it was my move:
Location of posted jobs that I was qualified to do or potential work places; calls or emails I have made to discuss employment in the Province; cost of housing to rent or buy in those locations; name of place i will stay upon arrival until I can move in; proximity to schools if I had children; public transit routes; expected seasonal weather; Cost of living.
It is a bit like a homework assignment to show you have some commitment to staying there, especially as you do not have relationship ties to that place. What made you choose that Province? Why do you think it will be a good place to make your new life? What opportunities does it offer?
Good luck.


Mar 4, 2016
Hi Jones

Can you please let me know the template of the "detailed settlement plan" that you have submitted to CIC
Appreciate if you could share the same removing your personal information.

It would be so helpful