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need help in selecting university!!...very confused!?

Discussion in 'International Students' started by csr1897, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. consultants are pressurizing for pg diploma ...but i wanna go fo masters.
    Indian citizen
    my profile is
    class 10 - 89.3%
    class 12 - 92.6%
    btech(ECE)- 72% tilll 6th sem with no backlogs
    will surely up the prcntage in last 2 sems.
    in which universities i do gave a chance for M.engg in electrical??
    please reply am very confused
  2. You should have a chance, just apply yourself its not complicated. Consultants get kickbacks from colleges.
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  3. thanks..what do you think in which universities i stand a chance?
    can u please name some.
    it will be really helpful.
  4. Just find multiple programs you are interested in and apply, you need to apply to multiple unis.
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  5. ik i need to apply to multiple universities... am intrested in m.engg in electrical..
    if u can name few universities according to my profile...that would b a grt help.

  6. Check for different programs on a website called mastersportal.com it,d give an idea about what courses are available n yo can shortlist a few n then check on the university websites for the same.
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  7. i have already shortlisted univ and courses but idk if i have a achance or not?...as i only want to apply in univ where i hv a chance..
    shortlisted ones are
    univ of victoria,western univ,univ of alberta,univ of ottawa,dalhousie univ, univ of windsor for m.engg in electrical..
    can u tell based on my profile?
  8. It really depends on who else applies. If you are doing a thesis based programs your research area may also influence a professor to select you.
  9. thanks...can u please suggest some universities acc to my profile?..as am in real dilemma
  10. Sorry you’ll have to look up potential schools before. If programs are thesis based I would be contacting potential supervisors to see if they may be interested in your proposed thesis.
  11. Apply to this Universities

    1. Concordia University
    2. University of Saskatchewan
    3. Memorial University
    4. University of Regina
    5. University of Brock
    6. University of Winnipeg
    7. Oknangan College
    8. Cambridge College.

    If you are from a country where English is your first language you don't need Ielts, TOEFL and GMC for English proficiency and this universities tuition fees are very cheap.

  12. You can’t do a masters at a college.

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