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Need help for applying and getting scholarships

Discussion in 'Education' started by Sarah1996, May 26, 2019.

  1. Hi guys.
    I have some questions.
    First how can i contact the universities I’m interested in to be aware that if they accept me or not?

    Second i have bachelor’s of English teaching.
    5 years of related job experience. I have b+.
    Am I eligible to get a good scholarship?

    And is my husband able to come with me at the same time?
  2. You apply and then they contact you to accept or deny you. Information is available on the school’s website. International students are rarely eligible for scholarships. If you are 24 how do you have 5 years of teaching experience? Canada has a surplus of teachers and halve specific guidelines about training for teachers. You would have to see if one of the provinces would evaluate your degree as equivalent to a Canadian teaching degree or suggest a retraining program if one is available. Spouses of international students are not guaranteed visas or permits. When applying for a study permit from Iran you will have to show strong ties to Iran and convince CIC that you plan on returning once your studies are over. Applicants from will Iran get more scrutiny due to the amount of Iranians filing for asylum.
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  3. I’m really thankful for all the information you told me.
    So u think getting a scholarship for Ma is somehow far-fetched?
    I’ve 5 years of job experience cause i started teaching in institutes before university.
    From what i heard from immigration lawyers, my husband can come to Canada at the same time.

    So what do u suggest?
    My points are not sufficient for express entry either.
  4. A scholarship is unlikely. You consultant is wrong he may apply to come with you whether he gets accepted is around 50/50.
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  5. My name is Shaibu Sumaila from Ghana West Africa. I want to enquire about getting a Scholarship to study a Master's degree in Canada
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  6. Scholarships are usually reserved for Canadian students.
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  7. I’ve heard from many in my country who got scholarship
    So how’s that possible?
  8. Where are you from? If you are doing a PhD and some rare masters you often get funding in exchange for teaching but scholarships are rare. You should ask your friends how they got their scholarships.
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  9. I’m from Iran.
    Unfortunately they don’t help and I don’t know why.
    Do u have any information about memorial university?
    I recognized that the fees are affordable. Is that right?
    I’m more concern about my husband. It’s extremely important for me to go at the same time.
  10. You’ll have to do your research about the programs offered at Memorial and the costs. There are unfortunately no guarantees your husband will be able to join you during your studies.
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  11. Thank u so much for all of your responses.
    Are u studying in Canada?
  12. No but have attended university in Canada.
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  13. That’s great :)
    Which university?
    Did u apply yourself?
    Cause here we usually have to hire a lawyer to do that for us.
  14. You can apply on your own. There is no need to use a lawyer.
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  15. Thanks...but what about my husband?
    I can not do and don’t know anything about getting visa for him

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