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Need help ECA WES

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Sunny.1412, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. Hi there,

    Need some help urgently!!!
    NOTE: I am the secondary applicant for Canada PR

    I did my Graduation from IASE university Rajasthan and Masters from VMU Tamilnadu and I sent my transcript for graduation to WES and they canceled the order saying “We regret to inform you that WES does not accept documents from Institute of Advanced Studies in Education” and refunded the money. Now I am not sure what to do as VMU is also not showing in their search tool.
    Should I try to get ECA for my senior secondary only (will get 2 points).

    Any help with ideas will be much appreciated

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  2. Can I submit a request to
    Comparative Education Service (CES) for my MBA degree?

  3. Hi, wanted to know were you able to progress in this matter? I am in a similar situation since my husband is also a graduate from Rai Foundation which is now IASE University apparently.

    Did you try sending your transcripts to IQAS?
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  4. HI Sunny, Gayatri,

    I am in same dilemma , As I done BCA from IASE university, But as per my investigation so far this university is approved under UGC, also NAAC B categories, nevertheless on which crieteria WES is evaluating the eduction credential.

    However you all can go with other authorized evaluator like ICAS,IQAS but not ICES as is just follow WES so don't waste your time upon it ,Neverthless if have already tried other and got any positive and negative response so please do share here.
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  5. Hi did you get through the ECA for IASE degree??
  6. Not yet but some of consultancy told me that we can get it done through other evaluator like ICAS,IQAS they might approve the same.

    Do you know any one else who has done the same?

    Please do some R & D upon this untill it gets late!!!
  7. I also hear the same but before i apply to get the transcripts and apply for ECA through any other entity. I want to know whether if anyone obtained a successful ECA for this institute
  8. One more guy I found at FB he is at CANaDA with same degree from IASE...LEt see when can he see my message and get them replied.
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  9. If any other person is already facing the same issue please reply here.
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  10. We must search an option and need to do some research on it I can give you that consultancy number which is being the best amongst others so many people already reached through them.. or you can search at your own Abhinav consultancy .. New Delhi..

    You please also clearify the same with them and share me..
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  11. Hellow
    I am facing the same issue. I have completed Graduation from IASE but WES returned my credentials for there inability to access docs from IASE please help
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  12. Hi Guys - In WES portal i see two options of this university in the NAME OF THE INSTITUTION Field while filling the form. I'm confused if second option is right to select as first option is not allowing me to move forward.
    1. Institute of Advanced Studies in Education
    2. Institute of Advanced Study in Education
    Not sure the difference between both, Will WES accept it if we go with second one?:(:rolleyes:

  13. Did you try IQAS?
  14. No..not sure Abt IQAE..have u tried
  15. yes im planning to try now. You can reach me on rajyalakshmibai@gmail.com. We can apply together.

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