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Need answers

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Sara’s, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. hi everyone
    I entered Canada December 2018, my file was in Montreal although I moved to Toronto after two days, in February 2019 my lawyer asked my file to be transferred, The request has been denied because my country is fast track and my file is chosen to be under the expedited process, in March I received another letter that the ministry is intended to intervene in my case, so again my lawyer send another request to transfer my file to Toronto, this time they accept.
    I want to know is the intervening of the ministry changed my situation so now I am no longer under the expedited process?
    How long it takes to get my hearing?
  2. Given the system is relatively new it is hard to say. You don’t have any control over the system so must go with the flow. I would concentrate on getting a job and working because you will get very limited legal aid in Ontario (If you are receiving legal aid) and your case seems a bit more complex.
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  3. 8. Interventions
    The Ministerial Intervention program has the following objectives:

    • Ensuring that persons such as serious criminals and security threats do not benefit from Canada’s protection;
    • Maintaining the integrity of the refugee determination system;
    • Ensuring that the Refugee Protection Division has comprehensive information for its refugee hearings.

    It might still be on fast track but you should expect delays if they investigate. Good luck.
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