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Need advice on dependents

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Manish.kumar225535, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. This is regarding my application for CWC. Below is the challenge I have and not really sure of the approach to be successful.

    My question is regarding my personal situation. I am married and we have a baby, who is 13 years old. Due to the family problems , me and my spouse are living separately from past more than 4 years for now. We are not legally separated, as I personally do hope that with time the situation may change and we may live together. Therefore legally we are still married (to fill under marital status of the express entry online application form) and I filled the same in the marital status , but spouse as non-accompanying.

    But I have read on the CIC site and on the forums mentioning that there are mandatory documents which needed to be submitted even for the non-accompanying family members. Since my spouse.would not be cooperative, considering the situation; what can be the best possible way to deal with the same? Can I take up the baby visa alone? Any suggestions would be really grateful.
  2. I understand that your spouse is not cooperative. When you are asked to upload your spouse's documents, you should upload explanation letter and some documented evidences showing that you have make great efforts in contacting him (i.e. email screenshots).

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