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Need advice - How do I get started with my PR process


Aug 24, 2016
Hi all,
Hope you all are well.

My profile background:
22 year old
Was an international undergraduate student in Newfoundland, Canada.
Started school in 2016 and completed my 4 year bachelors degree on August 20th, 2020.
Initial study permit expired on August 31st. Extended study permit valid until July 2021.
Applied for PGWP on 21st August (which is a day after I got my grades and is 10 days before my initial study permit expired.)
Currently on implied status and got a decent management job (non-tech) at a good company in B.C.
Moved to B.C and started working full-time in an NOC A job on 31st August 2020 (11 days after graduating) @ 36 dollars per hour.
Haven't taken IELTS yet but ready to take it whenever.
Worked part-time on and off campus over the past 4 years while being a student. Never did anything illegal or worked beyond 20hrs/week off-campus.
Don't have any prior professional work experience except the 1 month in my current job.

My goal:
Get PR as soon as possible in one or the other way possible.

What advice do I need from you all:
Since, I don't have any prior full-time work experience, I am not eligible for the express entry YET.
So, my options are to:

1. Regular EE application:
Wait for 11 more months to gain the 1 year full-time skilled work experience and apply express entry.
Which means? Even though I gain the 1 year experience and enter the EE pool. I am 100 %sure, I will not have enough points after 1 year since the cut off keeps increasing. So, I am assuming this option is ruled out for me.

2. BCPNP-EE application:
Wait for 11 more month to gain the eligibility to get into EE pool, then apply for BCPNP EE category and gain the extra 600 points which will be a sure shot PR.
Which means? 11 months for gaining eligibility + approximately 5 months for BCPNP EE procedures + 6 months for EE processing = almost 22 months to get PR

3. Regular BCPNP Skilled Immigration application:
Right away, apply for BCPNP Skilled Immigration category.
Which means? Approximately 5 months for provincial procedures + approximately 19 months for federal procedures = 24 months to get PR

What I want to know?
In my opinion, I feel that I should go ahead and start a regular BC PNP application so I be safe. However, the only things that come into my mind are that this BCPNP regular category is taking the most time in terms of getting the PR finalized and also I am afraid I may or may not be able to stay in the same job and province for 2 years because, my company is big and I might want to relocate to anywhere within Canada when I see a right advancement opportunity.

What are your views on my situation. Any relevant suggestions? Alternative options? Views? Anything, please feel free. Thanks.


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Apr 6, 2019
You can certainly look into BCPNP options, but you shouldn't have issues getting PR through the Canadian Experience Class of Express Entry. Hopefully you can score CLB 10+ on the IELTS; if you do, your CRS score will be 474 after a year of work and 499 after two. Study for the test accordingly. I wouldn't expect the cutoff to rocket past 480 or anything, although anything's possible. You're very lucky to have a job right now!


Aug 24, 2016
I am afraid about risking the cut offs for express entry, so I am very inclined towards BCPNP. The only thing I am worried about to get started with BCPNP is that I will have to be stuck in B.C which might lead to miss my internal advancement opportunities in other provinces.