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Need advice for a B.com student from India.

Discussion in 'International Students' started by twentyone, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. hi all, my education stats are :

    10th - 76% from CBSE (2008)
    12th - 85% from CBSE in Commerce (2010)
    B.com - 57% from Panjab University (2013)
    IELTS score - 8 bands overall (L-9, R-9, W-7, S-7).

    I am looking at getting into a post baccalaureate diploma in various colleges in BC , preferably Douglas Collge. I wanted to get into BCIT but they dont offer any post baccalaureate diplomas but rather the usual diplomas that are pursued after high school. However after reading some posts about how these post baccalaureate diplomas are targeted at international students just for earning money by various colleges and consultants and that these diplomas have little or no value in the real job market, i am now a little reluctant about getting into these diplomas and I'm now considering doing M.com here in India with good percentage (above 65) and apply to some good university for a masters program after doing M.com as I've read that universities look at the last two years' marks.

    That being said .... I am not really clear about my options and would like to get your opinion on this (especially senior members like tiger007 )..... Also all Bcom/BBA students are invited to join the conversation and share their experiences with consultants,colleges,etc.
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  2. I think you should apply in a University. Your BCom grades are not very high but your ielts is quite good. You can email the universities and ask them whether you are eligible to apply. Also mention your ielts score when you ask. University category has a higher chance of getting a visa (if you are admitted in a uni) than colleges. Just an advice.
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  3. Yes shradzsaraf, that exactly what I think that my Bcom grades are unimpressive. And thanks for advising about mailing the universities.
  4. any kind of inputs related to the post are welcome.
  5. BTW, your B.com must be of three years. Here in Canada and USA, they do not count a three year degree as an undergraduate degree. It is four years here. So you cannot apply for masters. I suppose you should do your masters in India and then apply for PG diploma
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  6. Hello,

    As far as your marks are concerned, they are good to go under SPP category. If you are inclined towards academic growth, I would suggest you apply for masters in Canada. However, as partially rightly pointed by another user that you can't apply for Masters as your grad was of three years. In order to pursue masters here, you need not do M.COM in India because M.COM as the name suggests is a master's program. What I will suggest you is, if you are seriously in for Masters, Just pursue one year program in India which is going to be PG Diploma ( you can pursue diploma in the same area which is financial management, there are plenty of UGC approved Institution offering one year financial diploma) which enables you to apply for masters in Canada in any university. Now, doing M.Com will take more time than just a diploma if you wish to pursue Masters in Canada.

    As far as PG diplomas in Canada are concerned, you rightly said these programs are mainly a money making programs for colleges and consultants and doesn't fetch a good job.
  7. Hi, yes my Bcom was of three years. But I checked with some universities, some accept three year undergrad studies and some dont. Depends on uni to uni. But the ones that does accept three year undergrad are few and demand good academic standing in undergrad and for indians...above 75% in undergrad.
  8. As much I'm interested in doing masters in Canada at a university...I also have some reservations about that. Most of the masters programs offered in universities are MBA's and as you must be knowing, For MBA there, work experience of two to three years is must. I have neither good marks in undergrad nor any work ex. Thats what is forcing me to consider SPP and do a diploma there with really good marks and somehow find a job in relevant field and then keep MBA for later. Any suggestions in this regard. And I've heard BCIT in Vancouver is a great college but its not under spp but it has great linkups with the job market and its diplomas are well respected there. Do you know about this college? As I mentioned before...this college does not has any pg diplomas....I will have to do ug diploma there after getting the study permit applied on LOA of some other college which offers pg diploma.Is this possible changing from pg diploma to ug diploma after going to canada??
  9. What is the best pathway for me to do MBA in Canada from a Uni like UBC, McGill, etc. I know it rounds very ambitious of me but I would like to know?
  10. Hi All
    I have done Bcom and MBA finance (distance education) and having 8 years of experience. So confused what course/ programme to choose. Kindly help me out
  11. hi all, my education stats are :

    12th - 79% in Commerce (2013)
    B.com - 49% (2016)
    IELTS score - 7 bands overall (L-8, R-7, W-5.5, S-7).

    Which is the best option for me to get into a college in BC for under graduate or post graduate. Please help
  12. Go for p.g diploma in langara college(2 year program)
  13. Hello my stats are-

    10th - 72%
    12th - 73%
    Bcom(3year degree) - 58.5%
    Work experience- 4 years in banking operations.
    IELTS- scheduled on October 28th.

    Could you please suggest me if I am encouraged to pursue Graduate Certificate courses(1 year course). As stated above, masters need a 4 year degree and a good UG grade(which I clearly do not have)

    MBA is out of the question now as cannot afford the hefty fees and do not have manegerial experience.

  14. Hi can any one please clear my questions here?
    My matric overall % was 72
    However, in inter (12) i obtained 41%
    B.com(2 year) passed out with 55.71%
    Now i'm looking forward to getting admission in bba
  15. done my mcom from gurunanak dev university..now i want to study in canada.
    should i go for masters degree in canada or diploma?

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