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NDVO - Decision Made(July and Aug 2017) - Waiting for PPR -

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Sabbu161, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. Dear All,

    I want to know the detail of applicants, who got decision made and are waiting for PPR.

    I got my DM on 11th Aug and still waiting for PPR.

    Your updates would help in knowing the trend.

    Please see rest of the details on the left tab

  2. Guys!!! please give your status!! this would really help many of the applicants to know the trend..
  3. We are waiting for it..... it's too long.... hope from next week we all . .. get good news
  4. When did you get DM and for which province have you applied.
  5. I got DM in July 2017 and still waiting for PPR, I think it's a long wait...
  6. Thanks for the infromation. Do let me know if you want to get added to a whats app group of PPR awaiting applicants
  7. I didn't get it... waiting for DM....

  8. We have a group of NDVO applicants who are waiting for PPR.

    Do you want to get added to that group?
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  9. there is also a watsapp group for regina called welcome to regina so if anyone is moving there or planning for same do let me no too/.
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  10. Guys!!! any update on PPR??
  11. nothing......
  12. DM date is 8 Aug..........
  13. Today NDVO issued one PPR to june DM applicant at 2.40 and no news after that,
  14. hi sabbu161 who is that person
  15. Deepak is what know...

    Just now, NDVO has issue another PPR. DM was on 8th Aug
    Dec medical case

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