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NBI Clearance Thumbprint and SIgnature

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Bhadz_ironside, May 22, 2017.

  1. HI Guys,

    I have just received My NBI Clearance from the Philippines. It has No signature and Thumbprint. Can i just sign it and put my thumbprint on my own or do i still need to go to local police and do it in front of them? I hope you can clear this one for me. Thank You and God Bless.
  2. Hi Bhadz,

    Same situation here, we have just received it and not signature/thumbprint.

    How did you do??
  3. Congrats on your PR bhadz..
    just wanna ask if you submiited your NBI clearance as it is or did you put your thumbprint and signature? Thanks
  4. Hi there,

    We applied the thumbprint ourselves. It has to be on the NBI certificate, yet the Philippines Embassy did not want to take our fingerprints.

    It looks like a grey area. We bought an ink pad, tried a few times on a blank paper sheet - then did it on the real NBI cert.

    Good luck.
  5. Thanks for the reply matt. I did the same thing. Gonna send my citizenship application today.
  6. Hi there. Urgent question. I am a foreigner living outside the Philippines. I sent in the NBI fingerprinting card and NBI has issued a multipurpose clearance in my name to my authorised representative. I checked online and they mention the NBI clearance number is valid.

    However, NBI has NOT printed my signature and my thumbprint (provided earlier) near the QR code (I am referring to the images of the clearance you have posted). Why is this and will this be an issue in future?
  7. I just got my nbi clearance. I have my finger printing at the Philippine consulate then sent it to Phil for processing. However when I got it it doesn't have thumbmark and signature. Can I put my own thumbmark on my own? The consulate doesn't want to do it. Thanks!
  8. Nbi office confirms that we can affix the certificate, by putting our thumbprint sa space near qr code.

    The only thing is, i used a blue ink, instead of black.
    I hope this will not be an issue.
  9. Hello, Can I affix my own signature and thumbprint on my NBI? I am located overseas thats why i had my representative get it for me.
  10. Yes definitely you can. Thats what i did being an ofw. You can also write a LOE. i'm on IP2 stage now and criminality is passed. :)
  11. I called NBI today and I was informed not to touch the NBI clearance they gave me. Canada will verify details of my NBI clearance. Please confirm. Thanks
  12. Opo bawal galawin, pero pwedeng i affix ang thumbmark mo. Based na rin sa tawag namin sa nbi at sa website mismo.

    Accdg din sa cic website, "Your certificate must have a thumbprint and include a dry seal"

    Goodluck po :)
  13. Ayun nga sabi sa website, pwede naman ako magraise ng CSE pero ang sinabi sa akin ng taga NBI wag daw ako magattach ng thumbprint. Kaya dito ako nagaalala
  14. Hello po, ano na pong ginawa mo? Nagprovide ka po ba ng thumb mark mo? Please answer. Salamat po.
  15. Lagyan nyo lang ng thumbmark ang nbi nyo, walang magiging problema dun. Then raise cse.
    Inaccept naman sa kin, may PR na ko :)

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