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NBI Clearance from Philippines


Sep 19, 2019
Hello everyone.

Need advice regarding my NBI Clearance. I authorized my brother to get my NBI certificate in the Philippines cause I won’t be able to do it since I’m here in Canada. Luckily, he got it after a week and sent it to me. That’s the last requirement I need actually. After gathering all the documents, I uploaded them and submit them to cic. After 2 weeks, I got a letter from them that I need to re-send my NBI clearance because the one that I provided is cut off. What does that mean? I need to scan like the whole thing, NBI clearance original copy and personal copy? I also noticed that my thumbprint and signature wasn’t there. What should I do? :(


Oct 4, 2019
Hi Jean,

It just means that you did not scan the whole document that's why CIC received a cut-off copy. Just re-scan the NBI clearance and make sure all the information is shown.