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Name change after birth but never used


Feb 19, 2018
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Hi there,

I have an urgent query on name change of primary applicant after a few years of birth.

I am an Indian national, applying for Canada immigration. I have received an ITA. On the ITA application form, there's a question which asks following:

1. Has this person ever used any other name?

Now the fact is my parents never decided on a name before birth since in India, you dont get to know the gender before birth, so they were not planned on what name was to be given. So at the time of birth, they named me 'Rahul'

After a few days of coming back home and family rituals & discussions, my name was changed to 'Hiren'. Family name was same in both cases. Now this is the official name "Hiren" i have used ever since and is there on all my documents, educational, passports, voter id cards etc for over 30 years. I have never used my former name, never ever.

But got this changed on birth certificate, which now says Rahul alias Hiren

How should i treat this?
Is this worth declaring since I have never used my former name. CIC doesnt ask to submit applicants their birth certificate anyways. So can I skip this, because I never used that name? or would it be a problem later

or should I declare and which option?

1. Has this person ever used any other name?
Type of Name: Birth, Alias, Name before marriage, former name, son/daughter of, others

What category should I select?

Need help and guidance on this. I dont want to hide anything but dont want to slow down the process also.

Thanks in advance and appreciated.