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My mother is alone , need to get tourist visa, urgent


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Apr 16, 2015
My father expired in 2008.
My mother will b alone when I will land in Canada on 31.3.16

I want to have her tourist visa before my landing

She doesn't want to land with us, she will land after 2 to 3 months

All agents r saying don't take chances

Bcoz ur mother is alone,

Why only Canada she wants to visit

And I m hiding my PR visa details

No travel history of my mom, no income

Is tourist visa possible for my mom, any idea

And one thing more I wanted to know, when I land in Canada and at time of inviting my mother.job is compulsory, any idea?

How much fund I have to show in order to sponsor my mother on tourist visa?

For supervise it's 45k dollars annually.


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May 5, 2010
Visa Office......
Job Offer........
I had the same situation when I got my PR and I applied for my Mom’s tourist visa when I was done my medicals so that I can bring her with me because no one back home to take care of her and it was rejected then I applied again and this way she got 3 rejections. After 2 years I applied for supervisa and now she is with us here :D
Well, I told you my story so that you should get prepared. I suggest don’t rush, try to make some arrangements back home for her for some time and apply for her after settling down here. Then there would be more chances of approval.


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Apr 16, 2015
Hi, thank u for reply, I m landing on 31.3.16, if I want to have moms visa before landing, the possibility I think are 1) show my PR and mother will accompany us 2) mom will join any tour operator and visit Canada 3) invitation letter from a friend and showing my PR Visa..I also wanted to know ur 3 rejections reasons..can u share ur WhatsApp no./Facebook ID. My WhatsApp is +919727780669, Facebook is mat121082....after landing, can I call my mother in 2 to 4 months?