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My mom is a worker in Alberta, she wants me to apply as an international student


Dec 15, 2013
I've read the procedure regarding applying for international student in CIC website, but since my mom is there, will it be easier for me to get approval for student visa? Since I've read you need proof that you can support your studying and living expenses while in Canada, should I include that on applying?

I applied for working visa, but I got refused because of the Section 11 (1) and SubSection 2 (2) regulations. Then my mom told me to just get a student visa first.

Can someone give me advice regarding applying, so that I will be able to provide all the necessary documents that might be a great help for me to get approved.


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Aug 3, 2013
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First of all, you need to find a course and a university or college in Canada. Then you need to inquire as to what you need to submit to apply for admission, and then make sure you get accepted before you can apply for a student permit.

Yes, you do need to submit proof of support or financial capability. Minimum proof of funds required is $10,000 + tuition fees.


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Apr 25, 2013
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In addition to what you have been told already, i take that your mom is not a SKILLED worker i.e. one whose profession lies in any of NOC (Canadian job categories) 0, A or B. If she is on a skilled work visa or a PR, you could get an "open study permit" if you are of the right age on her behalf. In that case you didn't require admission to an institute in Canada first.

However, since that does not seems like the case, you need admission to an institute, proof of available funds and still, ties back home to kind of ensure you would return after your study. Often people are denied student visas when visa officers suspect that having a relative working in Canada would help them live there illegally.

My suggestion, if you get admission some where and are applying for study permit, just get fee and funds transferred to your bank account via your mom and don't give much details about her. I am not asking you to lie, (there is a family information form in which you tell them if you have a relative currently in Canada, with their address, profession etc.).

However, basing student application on yourself once you have acquired admission and have funds have better chances of success.