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My Landing Experiance in Montreal and About Montreal

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by 19, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. thanks for sharing your experience. Its very useful.
  2. So wat are u upto now ? ? Tell further
  3. Nice. Please keep us updated.
  4. Thanks for sharing. Very enlightening!
  5. Thank you so much for your detailed post. I will be moving to Ontario province and I found this really helpful. I pray things are going well for you and you are now settled.
  6. You can apply for your health card after renting a house but you will only have to wait for 3 month from your landing date for the coverage to start. Wanted to clarify in case others were unsure.
  7. Hi 19 ,

    Hope you are well. Are you still in Montreal or moved to Toronto ?

    How was your job hunting experience ? If you are in Toronto , please share some more details about your personal experience i.e. living costs , best area to live for Pakistanis with families ...

    Appreciate your support and Best of Luck

  8. excellent post. will be moving from Islamabad to Montreal in a short while waiting for medical. completion date is 16 nov 2019. can I keep a contact with you? will you allow me. I am also in investor category of 800000 CAD. Would like to do business in Canada, Please share ur business experience
  9. hi 19,

    thank you for your detailed and heartfelt sharing. Your posts are particularly helpful to those who are searching for useful info every day to prepare for our moving.

    I am interested to know the school experience of your kids. How are they doing in French school especially in the beginning and the integration. Could you share more when free. Thank you!
  10. Hello,
    I would like to know if photos are requested at the time of landing?
    On my CORP there is a photo

    Thank you
  12. Dear 19 one of my Child is in O level studying in Islamabad. and will clear his exam in may 2020. We are waiting for MR and will probably move in june 2020. Please guide can my child go to an English medium school for A Level (equivalent). What will be tuitin fee. We are in Quebec investor program
  13. No he will have to go to French school until he attends college or university. If you want him to attend an English school you can look into private schooling. Fees are variable depending on the school.
  14. Hi, have you moved to Montreal. I am moving from karachi under investor category in Montreal. Like to share your experience.

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