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My Experience : Application to Landing

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by SG057, Mar 3, 2019.

  1. Hi All,

    Long time reader of forums now would like to post my experience.

    I would really like to thank people who posted their experiences and responded to questions. This helped me all through my application process till Landing. Opting for lawyer is an option but I was told and found later that most of the steps need to be done by you.

    Below are my steps from collecting required documents to Landing experience.

    1. After decided to migrate to Canada my first step was to check what will be my CRS score based on my current situation. I found I need to write IELTS in order to get an ITA (Invitation to apply).

    First step was to write IELTS as my scores have expired long time ago. My wife has done that too. Scores should not be older than 2 years on the date you submit your application (After you receive your ITA). Here important thing I found is CRS score will be high if you score high in speaking. The higher you score in speaking higher is your CRS score.

    2. After cleared cut off for the monthly round I got my ITA with 3 months of time to submit all required documents.

    3. Pooled my financial resources since I made up my mind to show enough amount required for family of 3. (Better check in site as they might change). Good to have history built, but around 4 months worked for me. If you don’t have enough resources, you can borrow from your parents as deed and notarize it. It also counts as valid one.

    4. Background check from FBI (As I resided in US) and from India (Through local Indian consulate). Earlier this used to be long process but now after FBI has updated process to finish it under 3 weeks. For this you need to procure finger prints from local police station or approved finger print vendors. For Indian verification send your passports by filling appropriate forms on Indian consulate with fees.

    5. Medical checkup from Doctor: CIC have an approved list. Price of Doctor may vary from city to city. So, if you can travel choose the less expensive one. CIC doesn't look if you went to your local doctor, if they are in approved Physician list you are fine. Here you need couple of photographs with Canadian passport dimensions (2x3).

    6. Gather your work experience letters. And find appropriate code from the list given by CIC for your job as it needs to enter while submitting application for PR.

    7. Once all these are submitted (before dead line) you must keep checking your email and CIC account for further communication from Canada Govt. Sometimes you get email ahead of the update in CIC account. So, keep an eye there. For me I got additional request for my baby. I was expecting this as she was not born when I submitted the application. I mentioned this in additional letter when I submitted the docs.

    8. After that I got confirmation of my PR via email and request to send passports along with couple of photographs. They asked for the stamp of photographer in the back. (Got it from local Walgreens). I sent them passports and received it back in couple of weeks.

    9. Once I received my passport and COPR forms I planned a date to go to Canada. Here there are multiple options: via Air or Road. I preferred via Road. Went to Canada via Ambassador bridge on Detroit-Windsor border. Process was straight forward. Officer asked for my papers and what are the goods I am bringing in. I told I am here for landing process, will return next day and not carrying any valuables. I was surprised they did not check any, took my word for the goods and amount I am carrying. It felt nice how they believe in your word. But it’s important to stay honest else it can turn around bad quickly. Officer did not take my friend address for PR as I will not be living there. I have seen people mention some officers took friend’s address when they say they will live there. But I choose to remain honest as I did not want to mess at this simple step after going through hardships, it’s up to one’s own decision. You can get cards once you establish address in 180 days. If not, you can pay $50 and get them again. Officer gave us the signed docs and stapled temporary PR doc in passports. Took the signed and temporary doc to get SIN number next day. SIN process is very simple. It is just a simple paper given to us right away, no fancy cards or mailing docs. I would say go there early in day so that you can get out early. Once finished that we returned to States under a day.

    10. At Detroit border it was typical American process, officer took our H1-B and Passports. Validated and asked for duration and purpose of the visit. This is one answer I was worried and researched a lot. Always I wondered how will an American officer react if I say I went to Canada for PR process? Surprisingly Answer is simple: Went for PR Landing. They have plenty of people who do the same every day. If at all they have issues it will be due to US papers etc. but not due to Canada PR Process. So, making sure US affairs are in order is best way to not having issues coming back into states. Here my visa stamping ended in 2016 but my work authorization was till late 2019. I found that if you go to Canada or Mexico and return in 30 days you don’t need stamped visa. Valid I-94 is good enough. This is called Automatic Visa Revalidation (AVR).

    Ask me if you have any questions. Will be happy to answer to best of my knowledge.
  2. Hi ,

    I applied and got my study visa a little late last year (Sept. 2018 intake, visa arrived October 30th). So i deferred till Sept. 2019. I plan entering Canada from the Windsor border since my school is Uni of Windsor. My question is, as a first timer coming from a country that requires TRV - Nigeria (which i have) can i ply this route...land in Detroit and take the border in? Asking because this would be a much cheaper route for me than going through Toronto. Thanks in advance for your responses.

  3. I think it should be no different than air route. I assume you have US visa in order to travel from Detroit to Windsor. But the best people to suggest this your international dept at Univ of Windsor.
  4. So you are able to land as a PR and then go back and gather belongings? And also do I have to import my car right away or can I do that in a month or so?
  5. Detroid-Windsor border agents are notorious for not accepting friend/relative's address for soft landing.
  6. Thank you for detailed explanation...
    I received COPR and planning to do soft landing next week.
    My h1b stamping expired but I have i94,797 till dec 2020..so I wl use that to come back to usa...
    Can u tell me what all documents u carried to come back to usa?

  7. Documents I carried to enter back into states are the same which are used for applying H1 B + some supporting docs for safety.

    1. All H1Bs so far.
    2. Employment verification letter and employer contact details.
    3. Passport (Obvious)

    Below are good to have

    4. My college I-20's ( If you have any make sure you take them too).
    5. Be prepared to answer questions about your work and company.
    6. Any documents establishing your address in US ( DL, Leasing documents etc.)

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