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My application is in process since march 2007

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in South America' started by Maria Gabriela Chacin, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. My application is IN PROCESS since march 2007, I just do not receive any news and it is exhausting to wait and wait. It feels like my application is lost in a big maountain of files and maybe it's the last one on the line, or maybe it got out of the line and it is lost forever. Does somebody knows why the waiting is so long?
  2. Hola Maria.
    I applied in 2005, so I've been patiently waiting 2 years longer than you.

    Where did you apply? There's a lot of backlog in many countries, some are worse than others, it's just the reality I guess... Bureaucracy exists everywhere.

    But the good news is that the Canadian govt is trying to accelerate the process:

    So... let's continue hoping that they look at our papers some day.

    Buena Suerte!
  3. LOL... 2005... that means 2 more years for me,

    if you read this, it's because I'm dead... I just killed myself after I read your message.
  4. Which Visa offices are you speaking of???
  5. Hola Maria,

    Under what program did you apply? I am Nicaraguan and I applied under the FSW Class last year. I have already submit my documents. Waiting for review..

    Have done your medical exams yet?

    I am somehow disappointed that there are not that many Hispanics on the Forum. How comes? Too bad for us. I am so proud of people from Asia and The Middle East that being so far, they have a great knowlegde of Immigration To Canada. And above all, THEY ARE WILLING TO PROVIDE ADVICE AND GIVE YOU SUPPORT WHEN YOU NEEDED THE MOST.

  6. I just submitted my application in Caracas and according to what I could hear in the waiting room many people just found out they had to actually present themselves at the embassy after a long time with no response. For a variety of reasons (some fair, some not) your application can get slowed down, sometimes for a long time. I say if you submitted all the papers needed at some point and haven't got a response in say 4-6 months, go to the embassy and present your pretty face, you might get a nice surprise!
  7. Hi, I sent my application in May 2007. Still waiting? I am aging by the day.
  8. Hi latin11368, what's your current situation? Have you visited the embassy and asked about it? I've seen it first hand: it's good to go personally and let them know you're still waiting!
  9. Do you have a Job offer??, or AEO?? they are supoused to expedite processes with those Items.
  10. Hi. Have you tried contacting your mp yet? What office did you sen your papers to? Depending on which one it is I can tell you how long you shouldve been waiing and if you can contact your mp yet or not. Ive been dealig with tgis for quite sometime and i am also latina. I am sponsoting my husband with a lawyer so i am quite familiar with the process.
  11. Sorry about some of the misskeys. Im writing from my phone
  12. Terribly long. What do they process at the offices?

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