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Multiple Entry tourist Visa for Parents

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by tahaa21, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. Hi
    I want to apply the multiple entry visa for my parents
    Following is the doubt I have
    -in IMM5257 it is asking for employment history
    ISSUE 1- (my father is currently working in a shop for more than 40 years but as per the country rule the visa gets renewed every 1 year and the government work permit is the only document i can show since the shop doesnt provide any leave letter or employment letter) what can be done in this case??

    -I can show travel history
    -Proof of funds
    ISSUE 2- there is more than 6lac rupees in my mom's account can i show that instead of my fathers account? (note my mom will be applying in the same application by filling the IMM5713 form)

    -Family Information (IMM5645)
    ISSUE 3- My father has 4 brother & 2 sister and i dont have their birth dates and collecting those will create few issues so in that case what should i mention in the form.

    -Also i recently got the COPR for canada but i am not planning to move there yet so in the tourist visa application of my parents i have selected purpose of visit as tourism will that be sufficient?

    Please guide me as to what can be done for the above issues

  2. What kind of employer does not give an employment letter? If that’s the case, you can expect the visa officer to consider that tie to be weak. Payslips can be submitted, but again, it seems that the nature of your dad’s job itself is not convincing.
  3. I have the ministry work permit letter which states the salary +designation and the visa validity with company name
    will that be suffice?
  4. Sure. But it sounds like he’s not working in his home country. Again, a greater degree of difficulty to get approved for a TRV, if you read through the cases on this forum.
  5. if I submit a leave letter is by the employer mentioning the date on which he will resume work? will that work?
  6. Leave letters don’t guarantee much, from our experience. The entire situation—nature of work, salary, tenure, etc—will be considered as a whole.

    Go ahead and apply, but from what I am able to imply from your posts, it won’t be too strong a tie.
  7. if I am able to show the below documents will it solve the ISSUE 1
    -Original & Translated work permit (salary details+Designation+Company Name)
    -Work permit visa stamped in passport (for last 5 years)
    -bank details for salary credited (1 year)
    -Property tax receipts of home country (latest paid)
    -Wife Bank Account statement of home country (6 month statement)
  8. Sure you can try
  9. @bellaluna thanks for the support appreciated
  10. Hello folks,
    My sister is planning to call my parents for which i am preparing their application as on tourist visa on behalf of my sister, please guide me on document checklist.
    I am applying a paper-based application
    From what i have collected so far , i can share, please guide if anytihng else should be collected before appearing at local visa office.
    1. Dad's bank statement showing funds
    2. Travel document (both parents)
    3. Thier financial statements on their agricultural land, their residential evaluation.
    4. Dad's pension slips(as he is ex- defence personal)
    5. Dad employment letter and his paystubs (As he is still working for private firm)
    6. tax returns.
    7. Travel itinery(which will not include any booked tickets, only itinery of travel)
    8. Bank demand draft for Fees(can I pay in cash if i don't want to go for DD)
    9. what else document should i Provide for my mother?
    10. Will there be 2 applications for both of them in a package to be submitted?
    11. Sisters employement docs +paystubs
    12. Sister and her husband's( Bank details, PR card, passport) to proove their ststus in canada.
    13. invitation letter from them.
    14. their tax return.
    Please please guide me, what are documents numbers (starts with IMM....) that are religioulsy and mandatorily needs to fill to submit the application

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