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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by ammann, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. Hi lets share all of you your timeline here
  2. hi
  3. Hi here's my timeline
    LAA 26 Feb
    Status Received March 3
  4. can anyone share affidavit format for property documents/value as proof of funds
  5. Hello, I got LAA last Feb 27. Still gathering my reference letters.
  6. Got the same issue. Please share if you find answer. Thanks
  7. R u under skilled workers in Manitoba
  8. Hi, I’m under SWO. how about you?
  9. Are you in Manitoba please. Do u have a job because I am wondering how the ranking scores are. I got 76 out of 100 but for ranking score is only 410
  10. I'm currently based in UAE and no job offer in Canada. I have a sibling who will support me, this boosted my score by additional 200.
  11. Hi, Can anyone here please guide me on the documentation required for MPNP. Thanks is Advance.
  12. Timeline
    Submitted March 2
    Received March 3
    Assessment in process April 28

    Plz share ur timelines
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  13. Did your supporter receive an acknowledgement email after your supporter submitted the settlemen plan 2? I am from draw 42, application submitted april 3, status received.
  14. I am skilled worker in Manitoba don’t need sponsor
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