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MPNP overseas Feb 2019.. Join here and make time line

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by sani.awais, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. Good morning,
    My brother applied EOI on Feb 15 2019 and got LAA on Feb 21,2019 in Draw #59. Submitted Full application on March 19,2019.. Applied by Close relative of First Cousin. Destination Manitoba (Niverville) His total Scores 616 on which basis he got LAA.
  2. Nobody got LAA in Feb 2019?
  3. Got LAA on 22-Feb-2019 (Draw No. 59).
    I will do online application in this week.
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  4. You and my brother got LAA from same draw
  5. # draw 59 what the status?
  6. Status: Application received
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  7. Hello Guys,

    Are those of you who got LAA, has their job on the "in-demand" list?
  8. Status application recieved
  9. Status : Application received
  10. My brother is in draw 58, his status now is “information requested” 3 days ago , however there is no call or email since

    Any thoughts or suggestions on what should we do? Should we wait or ask?

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  11. I think it better u wait a few more days,
  12. Wait atleast 1 week or 10 days
  13. Am from draw 58 as well,submitted on April 12th ,Application received.
  14. Hello guys

    I have a gotten a provincial nomination (Manitoba) and a work permit support letter. I wish to ask if my family can join me in Manitoba before our permanent residence application is finalized.

    Secondly what are the options to explore for my family to join me in Canada since I will be using a work permit before and after submission of permanent residence application until it is finalized? Can they come in as visitor then apply for spousal open work permit for my wife?

    Anyone with experience or have gone through this scenario can please explain the process to me in details.
  15. Still receive

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