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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by twix96, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Hi Mhersol, I filed my application online on 14th of Feb this year and 've been waiting but no additional documents are required up to now and I wanna ask you that before you were interviewed by MPNP officer via direct phone call, did they contact you in advance to inform the date and time they will contact you for the interview???

    Thank you very much and all the best!
  2. Hi alan_eatbread. Sorry for the late reply.
    No, they didn't contact me in advance. i received the call from mpnp 7weeks after my sister filed her online application.
  3. Online applicants only need to scan original documents to be uploaded to mpnp. No need for photocopies, therefore you do not need to have anything notarized. Online application is different from applying by mail. Please do not give inaccurate information to online applicants. I believe you applied by mail and not online. Please do not confuse yourself between the two. Please make sure the advice you give in this forum is correct.
  4. ...another wrong advice....
  5. Take it easy guys :)

    Regards and good luck to all of us!
  6. :)
  7. Thank you so much Mhersol, Wish you see your sister very soon in Manitoba!
  8. No, they will not. They will just leave a message to your answering machine and if you have time you can call them back. Your lucky if you don't have additional documents. Goodluck
  9. @carl

    last question po: I still have another problem with my birth certificate. My mother's name was incorrectly written, she wrote her nickname instead of her full name. Since my uncle, her brother, is the one is sponsoring me, I have to submit her birth certificate as proof of their relationship. I know that this could be a big problem because the immigration officers might think that they are two different people. I tried to correct it so nagtanong ako sa city hall but I failed to present 2 documents showing her correct name. Majority of my documents kasi, nickname din nya ang nakasulat, parang yun na yung niconsider nyang real name nya. I thought of sending my parents' marriage contract, kasi dun tama yung name nya, and an affidavit to prove that it's just a clerical error on my birth certificate. Ok na po kaya 'to? Honestly, kinakabahan ako sa application ko, andami ko kasi naiisip na pwedeng mali eh.

    By the way, thank you po sa pagreply, you're a big help in this forum. :)
  10. Hi there. It is really a problem when there are discrepancies with names. You mean to say in your NSO birth cert, it is her nickname that is written, but in your mother's NSO birth cert, it is her real full name. I know for a fact that to request for corrections in NSO certificates are quite tedious and time consuming. I've seen a checklist last year and believe me, you wouldn't want to go thru all of those. Since your sponsor is your mother's brother, you must prove that they are indeed siblings. Their birth certificates must show that they have the same parents. You might also need an affidavit sworn by your mother, not by you, that she is one and the same person in your birth cert, and in her birth cert and marriage contract, despite the difference in the names. It might be helpful to ask the opinion of a lawyer in this case. If you can very well account for all the discrepancies with sworn affidavits, maybe that will suffice. What is important is you satisfy MPNP that you are indeed close relatives. It is really important to establish your relationship with your sponsor. A friend of mine was even asked by MPNP to make a family tree to illustrate and establish the relationship to his sponsor. I personally do not recommend that you request the NSO for changes. If I were in your situation, I would go for affidavits first. You can also ask other people you know who might been in a similar situation, although not necessarily involved in MPNP applications. Hope this helps!
  11. matagal nga po sa NSO, mga 3-6 months pa ang processing tapos may mga fees pa. and then wala akong ma-present na 2 correct documents so I decided to go for affidavits na lang. yun din kasi advice ng kakilala ko. I hope this will do. Thanks again ! :)
  12. I received notification from MPNP that they have server problems and unable to generate file number through online , does it take longer ? anyone receive same reply ?

  13. Hi JUJU. Don't worry about that reply from MPNP. I also got that kind of reply from them. Other forum members too. In my case I got my File Number after 6 days. As long as they are communicating to you and your sponsor (regarding Settlement Plan Part 2), things will be just fine. Good luck!
  14. Thanks Lemon85. Wish u all the best!!!
  15. Ok thank you Carl..

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